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Diary, 14 feb 2012

February 14, 2012

It is a judgement…
A right and painful judgement..
Of future they said..

One way flight? feels like it.
Life is one way future which already been decided the destination.

Bad blood, dirty blood, somehow it running painfully inside me. W

th no care of my

It’s damn hurt. You know, when you know the truth. About the true you. And it comes from the person you want to make proud of.

Damn. Fucking damn.

You know when people

said life is suck. Yoy know that they a

re s

peaking the truth.
Well, at least mine.

Why it has to be me? And why am i whinning when there are absolutely many people with more miserable life compare to mine?

Maybe because i were given the clue of what the fucking i

am in the future.
I feel like puking.

You can’t choose where you’ll be born in the world. Can’t choose your parents. Can’t choose your family background.

It’s already written…
And mine was awful…

If i was told that


will bring no good to the person i loved, i feel like leaving.
So i won’t do any harmful, wo

n’t do anything that bring dissapoi

ntment for them.

The question is…can

I am a scaredy cat.
Yes, i am a fuck

ing scaredy cat.

Damn,my head is dizzy…


It’s stuck…

January 23, 2012
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How to change? How to move on? My head’s stuck.
It’s get complicated as i don’t know how to move.

Dark.. It feels dark in here..
When my heart felt like to explode..where to turn to?

I know..
That i’m getting further..further away from God..
Geez,i feel stuck.

I just want to go…away…
It’s suffocated in here..


May 28, 2011

Okay.. This is the first time i’m using wordpress.. So it’s kind of testing my own personal blog aside from LJ. Hmmm…is this as good as what people said?